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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Looking Back and Moving Forward: Writing Goals for 2023

Looking Back and Moving Forward: Writing Goals for 2023

2022 was a busy year for me. For the first time in too long, I scored an amazing animation writing gig. Huzzah! I’m currently freelancing on “Scooby-Doo! and the Mystery Pups” for Warner Bros Animation and loving every minute of it. It’s a preschool show that doesn’t talk down to the little ones, so don’t worry, parents, guardians, and animation-loving adults, you won’t have to leave the room when it comes on. There’s a huge lead time in animation, so SDMP won’t start streaming until in 2024 (HBO Max/Cartoonito).

In other 2022 news, the editing on WW (Ghost Star Adventures Book 2), working title, is nearly complete—so close that I’ve taken the step of commissioning eBook and print covers for this fun, action-packed sequel to my YA space opera, Ghost Star. I received a preliminary/test cover yesterday that blew my mind thanks to cover coolness overload. WW will be published in early January of next year. General announcement and cover/title reveal to come.

Speaking of 2023, I have a few author/writer goals lined up…

1.      1) I solemnly swear I’ll finish the novel-length version of Undrastormur (A Viking Fantasy Adventure). As mentioned last year, I’m updating and combining the first two shorts with an all-new third adventure. The end result will be a stand-alone middle grade, fantasy adventure novel set in the fascinating world(s) of Norse mythology. I’m so close to being finished and just have to knuckle down and get it done.

2.      2) I’ve had a mockumentary-style spec screenplay percolating for a while. 2023 is the year to do it.

3.      3) A Dragonfriend omnibus.

4.      4) Lots and lots of novel and short story ideas (thinking about giving Vella a try) that I’ve made note of but won’t even begin to entertain starting until I complete goals 1-3.

That’s all for now. Happy 2023 reading, everyone!



Roger Eschbacher lives in Los Angeles with his awesome family, a hilarious Border Terrier, and a grumpy Russian tortoise.

In addition to writing fantasy and sci-fi adventure novels, he writes TV animation for Warner Bros., Netflix, Cartoon Network, Hasbro Studios and more. Roger’s YA space opera Ghost Star is a winner of the Kindle Scout competition and received a publishing contract from Amazon’s Kindle Press imprint.

Ghost Star and other books by Roger are listed on his Amazon Author Page which can be found HERE.


Monday, April 25, 2022

New Gig!

I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as a Freelance Writer on an Unannounced Series at Warner Bros. Animation!  I can't talk about the project at the moment (NDA), but I'll fill everyone in as soon as I can. 

Let's just say that even though it just started I'm already having a blast!

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Saturday, February 5, 2022

What Was It Like to Write for Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated?

Want to hear what it was like to write for Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated? Check out the super fun #interview I did with these awesome folks!

@JayMillyVids @ASHtonHardy_ @doodlebugsie
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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Roger Eschbacher is #opentowork

Hi everyone!  I'm sharing this again because, well, you know... 

As a professional television/animation writer, I’ve pitched and developed premises, outlines, and scripts on numerous top-level shows for WARNER BROS, NETFLIX, NICKELODEON, HASBRO STUDIOS and more.

My expert improv skills and extensive stage experience as a main company member of THE GROUNDLINGS has led to numerous appearances on popular sitcoms, hour-long dramas, and in major commercial campaigns.

To top things off, I'm a PUBLISHED sci-fi/fantasy novelist and children's picture book author.

To say all this makes me flexible and open to fresh challenges--both inside and outside of entertainment--is an understatement. I'm experienced, coachable, and passionate about continued growth and learning. 

Let's talk about what I can add to your corporation, university, game studio, ad agency, entertainment programming or . . .


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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The HELLO NINJA Season 4 Trailer is here!

The HELLO NINJA Season 4 Trailer is here! Check it out and stream the show from Netflix Jr starting January 19th!  I wrote several episodes this season including a fun one set in space!

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Detention: The Complete Animated Series

I just learned that all episodes of "Detention," an animated show I worked on, are available on DVD. Yay! I voiced the kid in the green shirt and yellow hat and wrote one of the episodes. Fun series! 

Here's the blurb:

"Eight oddball friends at Benedict Arnold Middle School can't avoid getting into trouble as they navigate through the uncertainty and angst of adolescence, always ending up in after-school detention. Join the gang - Shareena (voiced by Tara Strong, Teen Titans GO!), conspiracy nut Emmitt (voiced by Billy West, Futurama), pugnacious Gug (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui, Happy Feet), twin geniuses Orangejella and Lemonjella (voiced by Tamera Mowry and Tia Mowry, Sister, Sister), comic-book fanatic Jim Kim (voiced by Roger Eschbacher, Histeria), Duncan the yo-yo champ (voiced by Bob Doucette) and annoyingly perky Shelley Kelley (voiced by Pamelyn Ferdin, Sealab 2020) - as they try to stay out of the clutches of the ominous Miss Kisskillya (voiced by Kathleen Freeman, DuckTales), who runs detention like a drill sergeant. Needless to say, it ain't easy!" 

CLICK HERE if you're interested in owning your own copy.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Animation Writer Q&A: Should I Try to Trick Disney?

Q: I'm  trying  to  send  my  animation  proposal  to  Disney.  Since  I  don't  have  an  agent,  I  was  thinking  about  having  my  friend's  name  on  the  outside  of  the  package  as  my  manager  just  to  get  my  material  in  the  door.  If  Disney  is  interested,  then  I'll  get  an  agent  to  take  it  from  there.  Does this sound like a reasonable idea?

A: No, it doesn't. The people at the studios who take pitches know all of the animation agencies, so they'll spot this one right away. The only real way to get your idea in front of decision makers at a studio or production company is to submit your material through an agent who specializes in writing for animation.

Thoughts about the above question? Got a question about animation writing in general? Leave it in the comments.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Animation Writer FAQ: Mining for Advertisers?

Q: I am in the process of preparing a pitch bible for 52 X 11 (Roger note: 52x11 = fifty-two, eleven minute episodes) animated series and I wanted to know if there is a format or process to prospect advertisers to get them on board. I would definitely be beating the odds if I have an advertiser already. 

A: I've never done it that way nor have I heard of anyone else successfully recruiting advertisers in order to sell an animated project. That's just not how it's done in the U.S. (as far as I know). The usual method for getting a show on the air is to do a pitch bible (character designs, descriptions, etc.) and then set up pitch meetings at the various networks such as Nick or Cartoon Network (which is infinitely easier if you have an agent). So, to answer your question directly: No. I am unaware of any format or process that is used to "prospect" advertisers.
Thoughts about the above question? Got a question about animation writing in general? Leave it in the comments or send it to me via the CONTACT tab. 
 Prospector art by Tony Oliver from Denver, CO, USA (by way of Wikimedia Commons)

New Writer Bio for Roger Eschbacher

  New writer bio...   "Main co. alum of the Groundlings, I write YA fantasy/sci-fi novels and animation (preschool, bridge, kids) for ...