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Q: Will you read and/or critique my television script/film script/children’s book/show idea and pass it along to your agents, publisher, and/or influential showbiz types?

A: No. Sorry, I have to be blunt on this one. Since I'm an active writer out there pitching shows and premises, I can’t accept "unpublished" writing samples from "strangers." If you were to send me some of your writing that by coincidence was even mildly similar to one of my "in progress" scripts, books, or a show proposal I was already pitching...that could be a problem.

Taking a writing class at your local c.c. or forming a “critique club” (sounds corny but they do it all the time in children’s literature) with like-minded pals is a great way to get feedback on your writing.  By the way, reputable studios or production companies won’t accept original scripts, treatments, or show ideas unless they come from an agent or are accompanied by one of their own release forms.