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Q: Will you read and/or critique my television script/film script/children’s book/show idea and help me develop it and/or pass it along to your agents, publisher, and/or influential showbiz/publishing types?

A: No. Sorry, I have to be blunt on this one. Since I'm an active writer out there pitching shows and premises, I can’t accept writing samples from strangers. If you were to send me some of your writing that, by coincidence, was even mildly similar to one of my in-progress scripts, books, or a show proposal I was already pitching...that could be a problem, right? I can assure you it's nothing personal and wish you only success.

Q: I've attached a file that is either a script or a pitch packet or anything else detailing my excellent project. Is that okay?

A: No. It will be deleted unread. Again, nothing personal.

Q: Gosh, this is all kind of harsh. Have you been getting a lot of these requests?

A: Enough that I have to set a policy like this. :)

NEW BOOK! Wraith World (Ghost Star Adventures Book 2)

Happy to announce my YA sci-fi epic WRAITH WORLD (Ghost Star Adventures Book 2) Kindle Edition is now published and available for purchase! ...