Midwest born and bred, I started my entertainment career in Hollywood as a runner (professional coffee-fetcher). I’ve worked as a TV, stage, and film actor, a live-action and animation writer, and a traditionally and indie published author of children's picture books and YA/MG Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels.

A member of SAG-AFTRA, the Writers Guild of America, and the Animation Guild, I’ve written for some of the best and most critically acclaimed animated series, and acted on some of the better known television shows.

I’m a Daytime Emmy nominee for my writing on “Littlest Pet Shop,” and a Main Company alumnus of LA’s celebrated comedy troupe, The Groundlings. 

My YA Sci-Fi adventure novel “Ghost Star” (Kindle Press, 2018) was selected for publication by Amazon’s Kindle Scout competition and is available exclusively on Amazon. 

Follow me on Twitter @RogerEschbacher or look me up on IMDb to learn more.

Thanks for the Book Trailer!

My friend, Tom, was practicing with some editing software, and unknown to me, came up with this cool book trailer...for MY books!  I think i...