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Earlier this week I posted the following update for backers of my old Dragonfriend Kickstarter project. I offer it here for those patient souls who have been asking me "When is the next book coming out?" Translation: "When are you going to publish it you dope?!" Here is my vaguely specific and "waffle-y" response:

"Hi folks! I just wanted to give you a quick update on the status of Giantkiller -- primarily because some of the Dragonfriend backers are owed a copy of the new manuscript in one form or another, but also because I'm excited about getting closer to an actual publication date.

Just this past weekend, I was finally able to send off the Giantkiller file to the same pro editor who pummeled Dragonfriend into shape. Iguana Proofreading's Darren Robinson informs me that he should be finished critiquing and proofing the book sometime in the next three weeks! I'll review his suggested edits (which have been dead on and saved me fro…

Writin' on The 7D

The 7D Writing Staff (L to R): Shea Fontana, Randy Rogel, Deanna Oliver, Me, Sherri Stoner, Paul Rugg, Tom Ruegger.

Since April of this year I've been a staff writer on a fun show called The 7D. It's for Disney and, as you might guess, it has a little something to do with the seven dwarfs of Snow White fame. In this case, we meet the guys a generation before all that business with a vain Queen and a poison apple.

Show runner Tom Ruegger posted a fun behind-the-scenes look at the writing process we've been employing and I invite you to check it out HERE.

I haven't heard an exact airdate, only that it'll start running sometime in 2014. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, writing continues on the third season of another fun show, Littlest Pet Shop. The second season begins airing on November 2nd so set those DVRs.

Go The 7D! Go Littlest Pet Shop! Go employment!

Book Review: Ned Firebreak

I had the privilege of reading Brian Clopper's manuscript for Ned Firebreak as a beta (early) reader an am pleased to report that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Fast-paced and highly readable, this novel sets up the adventures of the Firebreak family, fearsome dragonslayers who earn their living rescuing princesses from those terrifying beasts of legend. Clopper layers in a healthy dose of his comic wit, nicely balancing comedic scenes and moments with some truly exciting action sequences.

I can easily see "Ned" becoming the first book of a series and hope that the author intends to do just that. Recommended.

About Brian Clopper:  "I am a 5th grade teacher in North Carolina whose comic book work has garnered praise from the likes of Lincoln Child, Mark Crilley and Piers Anthony. One of my projects, IMAGINATION ROCKET, even received an Eisner nomination. I have done numerous author talks on brainstorming with odd pairings, changing expectations and randomizing thr…