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Roger Eschbacher: I Was Almost on the 2013 MTV Movie Awards w/ Rebel Wilson

Thought you folks might enjoy this. It's a pre-taped segment for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards called "True Life: I'm Jennifer Lawrence's Sister" where Ms. Wilson plays Ms. Lawrence's "lesser-known" sister. Unfortunately, the bit was cut for time but I had a blast working with Rebel Wilson who couldn't have been nicer. I show up at around the :58 mark. Enjoy!

iAi Book of the Month: 'Army of Worn Soles' by Scott Bury

This month's iAi featured book of the month is Army of Worn Soles by Scott Bury.

Some info:

Army of Worn Soles

A Canadian is drafted into the Soviet Red Army in 1941, just in time to be thrown against Nazi Germany's invasion in Operation Barbarossa. Caught in the vise of the Nazi and Communist forces, Maurice Bury concentrates on keeping his men alive as they retreat across Ukraine from the German juggernaut. Now the question is: will they escape from the hell of the POW camp before they starve to death?

"The story is gripping and emotional. So well written that it will make you suffer and cry with Maurice, and also laugh with him and celebrate”—Cinta Garcia de la Rosa, Authors You Want to Read
“This book gripped me right from the start.’—Samreen Ahsan, award-winning author of A Silent Prayer
“A perfect title for this poignant true story”—Elise Stokes, author of the Cassidy Jones adventures

To purchase Army of Worn Soles, please go HERE.

Scott Bury is a j…