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7 Questions: Author Bart Baker

Bart Baker is one of the hardest working writers in showbiz and now he's on track to claim that title in the world of books.  He's had an enviable career writing for both film and television and has self-published two novels, Honeymoon with Harry and his latest, What Remains, which was released this week.

DISCLAIMER: Bart and I graduated from the same high school. Go Spartans!

"The Best Scooby Doo! Series Ever Comes to an End Starting Today"

Series writer/producer Mitch Watson tipped me off to this great article, about Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated calling it "another great goodbye from WIRED magazine."

I'm very proud to have written several episodes in each of the two seasons and must (not so humbly) agree that with its great look, awesome series wide story arc, stellar cast, and fun individual episodes, it is the best Scooby series yet. As an animation nerd, it was truly an honor to write for such a storied franchise because, c'mon man, Scooby's cartoon royalty!

The second half of the final season starts running today (3/25) at 5:00 on Cartoon Network (check your local listings) and will continue to run at that time each day until the three-part finale which show co-creator Tony Cervone describes as "all kinds of epic"  (he ain't lying, folks!).

Anyway, good-bye and thanks for all the fun, Scoob. Like, you're the best!

"What Did You Say?" My Latest Episode of Littlest Pet Shop

This definitely falls under the "...and Other Writing" part of my blog's description. I'm very pleased with how the episode turned out. If you're a fan of the show, I hope you like it, too.

Flippin' Awesome Giantkiller Book Cover

Just got this from my designer Mike Wykowski and I love it! What do you guys think? I, for one, would not want this fellow anywhere near my thatch-roofed peasant's cottage!