Sunday, March 4, 2012

We Have a Winner!

Congrats to Eric Schwartz of Kentucky for winning a signed copy of Dragonfriend in my Goodreads giveaway. I'll be mailing out his copy later this week along with some bookmarks and postcards.

(Side note to authors: I highly recommend trying out this gratis Goodreads feature. It's an inexpensive way to generate some interest in your book (basically, your cost on a hardcopy and the necessary postage). I had 790 people sign up for the giveaway, many of whom also put the book on their "to read" list. Nice!)

Savor this sweet victory, Eric, for the gods of logarithmic randomness are not always so kind.

1 comment:

Daniel R. Marvello said...

Yep. Another reason NOT to go with KDP Select. You can't do giveaways at Goodreads or anywhere else for that matter. I think I'll give a Goodreads giveaway a try once my 90 day exclusion period is up (I won't be renewing.)

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