Thursday, November 11, 2010

What He and She Said...

Author John Scalzi scores again with his blog post in defense of NaNoWriMo putting published anti-NaNo snobs on notice to just chill. A quote:

"So if you’re a pro novelist or whomever wringing your hands over NaNoWriMo, remember that hands are for typing, not for wringing, and get back to your own work and let the kids have their fun. If you’re a NaNoWriMo participant and you’ve heard the grousing of the pros, ignore it and enjoy your experience of banging out words. In the end, no one cares how or why or under what circumstances a novel has been created, they care about the words on the page. Readers don’t read process. They read novels."
Go over to his site and read the post in its entirety, then visit published author Mary Robinette Kowal's blog to see the (also) excellent post which inspired Scalzi's spirited defense.  

In other news, I broke through the 25k barrier by cranking out a satisfying 2029 words today, ending up with a total of 26430 words on the 11th day of the challenge. That's over halfway to 50k! Go me.


Brooke said...

Fellow SCV Nanoer here. How are you finding this side of halfway?

Must say, you seriously rock! Aaahh!!! Real Monsters was my all time fave Nick show :) Oblina is fabulous...

Roger Eschbacher said...

Hi Brooke!

Yeah, there's no doubt that I like the far side of NaNo better than the starting side. The whole thing's pretty fun though, isn't it?

Thanks for the kind words about Monsters. That was a fun show to work on and I enjoyed the characters, too. By coincidence, I purposely based a many of my story pitches on Oblina since I felt she was being neglected and they'd probably go for them. Turns out I was right!

Anonymous said...

Great link there. It's awesome to see the support that NaNoWriMo gets. I think the 'establishment' is just scared they'll be pushed out of their jobs by up and coming NaNovelists.

Great job on reaching halfway, too! The downhill is much, much nicer than the uphill parts.

Roger Eschbacher said...

Thanks for the encouragement, invisibleexile!

Scalzi always seems to have an interesting take on things. Needless to say he's absolutely right on this topic.

You may be right that some of the pros feel threatened by fresh competition. I think there's also a high level of snooty-ness going on with them looking down their noses at us lowly peasants. Plebes writing because it's fun? Outrageous!

Here's to a downhill rest of NaNo for all of us!

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