Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home Stretch

Broke through the 40k barrier today (cue fireworks and marching band). Oddly enough, due to day job related distractions (aka auditions - a good thing), the bulk of the past 10k was written after dinner between 7:30 and 11:00. I say oddly because I'm usually a morning writer who likes to split my word count into 1k+ before lunch and the rest of it anytime during the day when I can squeeze it in. This night writing has been focused and quite enjoyable so, who knows, maybe I'll switch things around for a bit.

One thing I do know is that I get a little nervous I won't hit my word goal when I start late. Maybe that's why writing at the end of the day seems to be working for me. Go fear! Whatever the reason, I'll take the words.

According to my stats page, I'm averaging around 2200 words a day and at this rate should hit 50k on Tuesday 11/23. See you then!


Keith Robinson said...

I seem to write well at night too, when the wife, child, and cats are in bed. Trouble is, my eyes get sleepy so I have to stop. But I do get some good stuff done.

Being self-employed, I can (and do) choose to carve out an entire morning for writing. I'll be doing that this morning, so will likely meet you on your side of 40K very soon! I have 3637 to write, which is not a problem -- I could do that with my eyes closed and hands tied behind my back, so... er... well, maybe not.

Roger Eschbacher said...

Keith - You're chugging along quite nicely, especially for your first NaNo. I've seen it get overwhelming for first timers. Then again, you're an experienced author so that should be expected.

Wait a minute. Come to think of it, I do expect it and am now demanding more effort on your part! Yes, you heard me, slacker! I want your word count at 50k by the end of the day. Quit goofin' and get busy! Go go go! ;c)

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