Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On Writers and Money

Author John Scalzi has a very interesting post on why writers seem to have a hard time managing their money and aren't all crazy rich.


Sir Mike said...

Wow, excellent post... So introspective and much of it very true. It was like reading my writer's horoscope! But I wonder, why haven't writers gotten together by the thousands and join a health plan together, to help spread out the premiums? I've read others in entertainment lament over choosing between costly insurance plans and no insurance, has the WGA ever considered offering insurance plans for all the writers?

Roger Eschbacher said...

Yeah, well, that would be nice. The problem is that you have to work on a guild show and make enough money to hit a minimum in order to qualify for their health insurance (same with the Animation Guild although they measure their minimum by hours, not dollars). Understandably, their focus is entirely Guild-centric and they're very protective of their membership benefits -- so the short and sweet is that universal writercare will never happen.

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