Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Real Books on My Doorstep!

They're here! My first shipment of Dragonfriend paperbacks arrived this week in all of their two-box, back-breaking glory. This order is primarily destined for the folks who helped me get the book published -- beta readers, etc. and the backers of my Kickstarter project. I'm also setting aside a few copies for the local school libraries, signings, and long-time "book friends."

I know the whole eBook thing is all the rage with the kids these days, but we here at the Novel Project (meaning me and Lizzy, the Border Terrier) love the heft and feel of holding a "real" book in our hands/paws. Right, Lizzy?

"Yeah, right, whatever."

Elsewhere in the news, there's still time to enter my Goodreads Dragonfriend giveaway (20 days a/o 11/23) so, if you haven't already done so, head on over and sign up. Five lucky entrants have a chance of being plucked out the the scrum by a soulless Goodreads algorithm.

Finally, a very Happy Thanksgiving is wished for the folks here in the States. To everyone else, may I heartily recommend the roast turkey dinner? Mmm.
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