Saturday, February 25, 2023

Title, Cover, and Description Reveal for Ghost Star 2

As promised, I bring you the title, cover, and description reveal for the sequel to my YA sci-fi adventure, Ghost Star

(drum roll or kazoo blast, please)

Title: WRAITH WORLD (Ghost Star Adventures Book 2) 

From A wraith is "a visible incorporeal spirit, especially one of a terrifying nature; ghost; phantom; apparition." The operative term being "especially one of a terrifying nature."



Isn't it cool? I just love it. Eagle-eyed readers will see it's the same spacecraft on the cover of both books, different angle and locale, of course. How could this possibly happen? Only my talented cover designer Keith Robinson and I will ever know!



“Impossible odds? Impending doom? I’m in.”

The clock is ticking. The Imps, the most powerful military force in the Rex Cloud, are returning with literally everything they have, including a massive space fleet filled with battle-tested marines and every weapon of devastation in the known galaxy.


After the destruction of the Ghost Star, all Galen has left is a single fighter craft, a captured troop carrier, and the undeniable courage of his people. He knows that’s not enough, but there’s no way he’ll ever bend a knee to the malevolent Imperium.

Extinction event or not, he’d rather go down fighting for his family and his people than surrender to the coming darkness.

WRAITH WORLD is a bigger and far more dangerous sequel to GHOST STAR, the fast-paced YA space opera epic in the spirit of Ender's Game, Star Wars, and Firefly.

(cymbal crash)

Let's just say this one is a fun, thrilling, and action-packed adventure...and leave it at that. 


The plan is to publish Wraith World in early to mid March of 2023. I still have some editing to do, but I think that's a realistic goal. I'll keep you posted. Thanks to all my Ghost Star readers for your support and patience, especially those who sent me notes over the past few years wondering when (and if) there'd  be a sequel. 

Hang tight. It's almost here! 😊


Roger Eschbacher lives in Los Angeles with his awesome family, a hilarious Border Terrier, and a
grumpy Russian tortoise. In addition to writing fantasy and sci-fi adventure novels, he writes TV animation for Warner Bros., Netflix, Cartoon Network, Hasbro Studios and more. Roger’s YA space opera Ghost Star is a winner of the Kindle Scout competition and received a publishing contract from Amazon’s Kindle Press imprint.

Ghost Star and other books by Roger are listed on his Amazon Author Page.


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