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Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!

Yes I am a hardcore Godzilla fan. Why do you ask?

Portrait of the Artist's Father as Gandalf the Grey

I've been meaning to post this here on the blog for a while but kept spacing out. I can be like that, you know.

Back in November my very talented illustration major daughter, Molly, asked me what kind of drawing I'd like for Christmas. I requested something sf/f-related that I could use as a profile pic -- me as a cyborg, etc.

Well, imagine my delight when I received this awesome drawing! As anyone who follows this blog knows, I'm a huge LOTR fan so it was the perfect gift. I especially like the deft comedic touch of including my glasses!

On a related note, Molly takes orders for commissioned pieces and also offers some original art for sale. If you're interested, you can get the details on her BLOG and on her RED BUBBLE site. Thanks Molly!

I Get Interviewed

Author and Renaissance Faire aficionado/expert/promoter, Gia Volterra de Saulnier (now that's a fancy name!) interviewed me for her BLOG and since I come off as somewhat coherent, you must go over and check it out. No, I'm very sorry, but you must. Yes, I'm not kidding. Go now, please.

Guest Post: Swordplay, A New Fantasy Novel by Katharina Gerlach