NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

Love a good sci fi or fantasy read? Love a good flowchart? Then you've got to check out SF Signal's awesome FLOWCHART of NPR's Top 100 list.

I've read a good number of these titles, but now realize I've got some catching up to do -- not like that's a bad thing. Nope, not a bad thing at all.


Stacy S. Jensen said…
Love this. I'm sharing it around.
Stacy, Isn't it great? Lot's of fun (and funny) choices.
MyTricksterGod said…
Hmmm, they recommended Wicked.
That was one of the few books I read during High School when High School made reading a despicable choir for me.
I shall see if there is any surprise, surprise for me eyes.
I was surprised at the number of books on the list that I hadn't read yet. Hopefully there are some new favorites hiding on that flowchart.
Interesting. I'm not a fan of NPR, but I do try to keep current with YA novels, though right now I'm working on another romantic suspense. What can I say?

Thanks for the follow, Roger. I hope your book does well.
Thanks, Kathi. Yeah, I'm more a fan of the flowchart than I am of NPR, but I do think they came up with an interesting list.
Donna said…
Wow, that's quite a chart. So many great books on it.
Donna, Yeah, I've got to get reading!
Matthew MacNish said…
Homie! I'm an OG Fantasy novelist myself, son.

Seriously, though? Thanks for the follow on Twitter. I stopped by to follow your blog as well.

Cool to meet you, Roger!

As to your post I've seen this chart before, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. The cool part is that even I, who I consider to be well read in both Fantasy and Sci-Fi, have only read 10-15% of these books.
Matthew --

I also consider myself fairly well-read in both of those genres and there were quite a few titles that had slipped through the cracks for me. Not that NPR has the definitive list, but I do view it as a reasonably "educated" group of people who might have a thing or two to say on the subject. A great book source for me in recent years has been John Scalzi's "Big Idea" on his Whatever blog. A few stinkers on his list, but the vast majority of the titles have been very enjoyable.
Trisha said…
That's such a cool chart! I've read a fair bit of fantasy, but not as much sci-fi. Still, I'm willing to bet I haven't read the majority of works on that chart!
Trisha -- I agree. Very cool!

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