Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bye Bye Blog: The Re-post

I posted this a couple of days ago on my other blog, Roger Eschbacher Books, and wanted to see if anyone here had any thoughts or comments. Feedback (especially if it's not related to baseball) appreciated. ;c)

And now, the re-post:

I launched this Roger Eschbacher Books blog a few years back with the intention of having a landing spot specifically for the readers of my books (as opposed to The Novel Project, my blog primarily aimed at other authors).


Anyone who's been following Roger Eschbacher Books knows I haven't been very good about updating this blog at all. In fact, I've been terrible! So, unless there are any strenuous objections of the "you moron, here's what you should really do" variety, I'm thinking it might be time to consolidate the platform and put this old and neglected horse out to pasture.

A couple of options I'm considering...

  • Renaming "The Novel Project" and calling it "Roger Eschbacher Books." The Novel Project was the name I came up with to chronicle the march toward completion and publication of my first NaNoWriMo project that was to eventually become Dragonfriend. Since that book is completed and published, well...
  • Getting a new URL for the "new" blog (to replace
  • Focusing all of my blogging energies on the revamped site -- retaining The Novel Project's author-centric bent but tossing in some reader focused material, too.
  • Retaining the sillyroger url but have it "silently" point to the new and improved blog (or should I just chuck this domain name altogether? For some reason, I'm loathe to dump it but I think that might just be sentimentality at play as I'm not sure its all that good for my current "brand." I've had it for over ten years but came up with sillyroger when my focus was primarily on picture books for the 4-8 year old crowd, not middle-grade fantasy novels).
I know this is all inside baseball stuff of interest (maybe) only to other authors, but I'd love to hear everyone's feedback/suggestions on what I should do as I'm not one hundred percent sure about which path I should take. Thanks!
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