Book Review: Brood of Bones

An exceptionally cruel dark magic is plaguing the city of Morimound and Enchantress Hiresha must solve the mystery of who has infected the wombs of almost all the women of her beloved town with bony abominations. Simultaneously nearing the end of their nine month pregnancies, Hiresha races to find the culprit - an evil sorcerer, she suspects – and undo his brutal spell before the women of Morimound die horrifyingly painful deaths giving birth to these unchildren, this brood of bones. 

As much an exciting detective story as it is a great fantasy read, Brood of Bones succeeds in both genres. Author A.E. Marling has crafted a complex yet accessible tale rich with plot feints and red herrings that had me guessing until the very end. The real joy, however, is how he’s created a world so unique and detailed that I found myself marveling at his ability to describe and generate the rules of magic for a setting that is both comfortably familiar and completely original. The “dream physics” of Hiresha’s laboratory alone establish Marling’s credentials as an exceptionally skilled creator of never before imagined worlds. 

In short, Brood of Bones is a fantasy masterwork. Highly recommended.


Kw mccabe said…
I read that book - it was exceptionally good.
K.W.: I'm replaying scenes from the book in my head which, for me, is always a good sign.
Unknown said…
The beautiful cover drew me in first, I'll admit, but the story is absolutely worthy of such wonderful artwork. Not only does Mr. Marling do a fantastic job describing scenes and magic, but his characters are believable, flawed, surprising. I've already read it twice—and loved it both time.
Robin: Agreed. This is a wonderful book that I can see myself rereading, too.

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