Saturday, July 18, 2020

Elvenking Blurb

Hey, all. Got my blurb for Elvenking to the point where I'm looking for feedback. Let me know what you think. Any suggestions to make it better are welcome. Thanks!

Elvenking: Leonard the Great, Book 3

In Leonard’s most thrilling adventure yet, the future of everything is at stake.

Leonard reluctantly agrees to travel with Merlin and Taddy to the mysterious world of the Dark Elves. Merlin claims Leonard’s grandfather, Claws Crimson, the hard-hearted and cantankerous king of the Dark Elves, is in mortal danger and needs his grandson’s help. Is this claim true, or is this just another one of the old wizard’s puzzling schemes that end up getting Leonard in more trouble than he ever could have imagined? Leonard suspects it’s a little of both.

As they travel through perilous worlds of Norse mythology, the three friends encounter one dangerous creature after another including a monstrous spider, a vicious abomination called the Questing Beast, and the Nidhoggr—a mountain-sized dragon that would like nothing better than to escape its prison and destroy the world.

The adventure builds to an epic battle between good and evil—where not only is the future of his grandfather’s kingdom at stake, but the future of everyone and everything that Leonard has ever cared for.

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Roger Eschbacher said...

Elvenking blurb, round two. Suggestions welcome.

Elvenking: Leonard the Great, Book 3

What would you do if your grandfather was about to be murdered by evil sorcerers?

When Merlin shows up at his castle gate, young Leonard, Lord of the Green Valley, asks himself that very question. The old wizard wants Leonard to go on yet another dangerous quest. No surprise there. This time, however, it’s an urgent mission to protect the notorious king of the Dark Elves who also happens to be Leonard’s paternal grandfather. Joined by Taddy the dragon and many familiar faces from the first two novels, Leonard and Merlin race against time to reach the cantankerous old elf and save him from a sinister plot that has the fate of the Dark Elves hanging in the balance.

Elvenking: Leonard the Great, Book 3 is a middle grade/YA fantasy novel set in a blended world of Arthurian and Norse mythology—perfect for readers of all ages who enjoy a healthy dose of magic and humor in their action-packed adventures.

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