Saturday, September 15, 2018

Animation Writer FAQ: Getting Started, Pt.2

Q: (follow up to Pt. 1) I'm currently doing all the things you suggest both in the FAQ and your email. I suppose patience is the next thing I have to practice. I'm continuing to write spec scripts for pretty much every cartoon show I see, from Gravity Falls to Littlest Pet Shop to Spongebob and more. I have not done any live action spec scripts, though, so I suppose I should try one or two of those. Would you recommend living in LA as a requirement for success? Right now I know a few people (hence how I got the agent) but I know it's always a good idea to meet more. 

A: Yes, definitely add some live-action scripts to your collection of writing samples. You never know what the folks who do the hiring might want to read. 

As to whether or not you should move to LA, far be it from me to advise someone to completely uproot their lives on the "chance" of getting work in your chosen/dream profession. But... if you're serious about writing animation, you have to live where the work is. 

While there are small animation production companies sprinkled throughout the US and Canada, this is where the big boys and the networks (WB, Disney, CN, Hasbro Studios, Dreamworks, etc.) are concentrated. NYC has a healthy animation scene, too, but I'm not very familiar with the setup there -- maybe one of my East Coast friends could comment. 

Bottom line: Your chances of getting work increase exponentially when you're available to drive over to Burbank to meet with a Warner Bros story editor who's giving out freelance assignments.

Thoughts about the above question? Got a questions about animation writing in general? Leave them in the comments or send it to me via the CONTACT tab.

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