Monday, December 25, 2017

UNDRASTORMUR, Part 2: The Great Tree NOW AVAILABLE for Pre-Ordering

This announcement is a two-fer: a pre-order availability, er, announcement AND cover reveal.

Undrastormur, Part 2: The Great Tree is a novella length continuation of Eirik's adventures from the first book. Lots of fantasy adventuring going on in this one--monsters, an ego-maniacal Norse god, a fierce shieldmaiden, and, of course, our brave but reluctant hero, Eirik. The book is now available for pre-ordering. The actual date of publication is 01/30/18.

Here's my book's description...
When the roots of the Great Tree are attacked by a plague of monster slugs, Eirik and his companions must destroy the ravenous creatures before they release the Nidhoggr, a mountain-sized dragon bent on bringing death and destruction to all of the nine worlds.
And here's the cover designed by Keith Robinson. Give him a shout if you're an author looking for a cool cover from an easy-to-work-with designer.

Interested? Check out these links:

Amazon Pre-order link:

Amazon Author page:


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