Sunday, January 3, 2016

How I Did On "My Top Six 2015 Creative Goals and Resolutions"

I listed my creative goals for 2015 and promised to report back on how I did. To view the complete 2015 post, click HERE.

Posed "author action shot."

Here goes...

6) Complete outline for the third book in my 'Dragonfriend' series.

This falls in the "Almost" column. I added quite a bit to the outline and was pleased with the assorted plot twists, structural fixes, etc. I came up with. I would say the outline is around 4/5ths complete. Not too bad, but falling short nonetheless. My bonus goal of writing "a first draft of the novel before the end of the year, possibly during NaNoWriMo" obviously didn't happen (I like to start a new writing project when I have a complete outline--rough or otherwise) so I'll be moving this entire "goal bundle" into 2016.

5) Complete edit of the space opera YA novel I wrote.

Another "Almost" item. I think I've devoted the most time to completing this goal, going through numerous revisions with help from my writer friends Jeff, Keith, and Brian. I'm almost done with it and hope to have things completely worked out before this spring.

4) Start and complete first draft of short story anthology based in Norse mythology.

Fail. No movement here. Why? See #5. Another goal pushed forward into 2016.

3) Finish editing my kid's novel.

My kid wisely put this project on hold while she works out a few issues. When she's ready for me to look at the next draft, it goes back on the list.

2) Complete the pitch bible for a cool animated show I'm creating.

Good movement on this one. I completed the pitch bible and the bonus goal of a first draft of the pilot script.  Editing of said draft will commence shortly.

BONUS, BONUS GOALS: In addition, I completed the pilot script of Fenderheads, an adult live-action sitcom, and retooled the pitch bible for Boneyard, a dark and silly animated series with outstanding art by Tim Maltby.

1) Get a full-time writing/acting/anything gig.

I got some freelance gigs on a couple of great shows (one, soon to be announced, for Cartoon Network, the other Hogie the Globe Hopper for ? - I really don't know as it's being produced internationally out of Malaysia). I also booked a commercial, which is cool. Very grateful to have this work, but since it's not full-time, another push forward into 2016.


There you have it. With the exception of the fail on #1, I'm pleased. On balance, most of my goals were mostly achieved. The 2015 post was a good motivator so I'll be posting "My 2016 Creative Goals and Resolutions" shortly. Here's hoping you'll meet all of your creative goals for the coming year!

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