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Tenacity Pie: A Guest Post by Danika Dinsmore

I'm  pleased to share a guest post from author Danika Dinsmore, author of the Faerie Tales from the White Forest series. The fourth book Narine of Noe was published in December, 2015. Danika talks about the importance of tenacity in an author's life. I agree with her. I would say tenacity is almost as important as writing books that people want to read. ;)

Take it away Danika...
on becoming a more successful (and happier) writer

I used to teach at Vancouver Film School, and I always opened the first day of my class with a talk about the writing life. Learning to write is one thing. Learning to exist and make a living in the world of writing (or filmmaking) is another. I'd show my students the following pie chart on the board, and only partially tongue-in-cheek:
Have you ever wondered why certain books, movies, plays, songs, etc are so successful? First off, unless you are the writer of the next Game of Thrones book or have a great established fan base, there reall…

How I Did On "My Top Six 2015 Creative Goals and Resolutions"

I listed my creative goals for 2015 and promised to report back on how I did. To view the complete 2015 post, click HERE.

Here goes...

6) Complete outline for the third book in my 'Dragonfriend' series.

This falls in the "Almost" column. I added quite a bit to the outline and was pleased with the assorted plot twists, structural fixes, etc. I came up with. I would say the outline is around 4/5ths complete. Not too bad, but falling short nonetheless. My bonus goal of writing "a first draft of the novel before the end of the year, possibly during NaNoWriMo" obviously didn't happen (I like to start a new writing project when I have a complete outline--rough or otherwise) so I'll be moving this entire "goal bundle" into 2016.

5) Complete edit of the space opera YA novel I wrote.

Another "Almost" item. I think I've devoted the most time to completing this goal, going through numerous revisions with help from my writer friends J…