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Littlest Pet Shop: The Final Season Begins Nov. 7

Discovery Family just released promos for the Season 4 kick-off of Littlest Pet Shop (h/t to LPS superfan +Chevistian MadamePomNews for the heads up).

Unfortunately, Season 4 will be the last one since, despite strong ratings for DF, Netflix, and overseas, Hasbro has decided not to pick up the show--something to do with not selling enough toys, I'm told. <shrugs> Anyhoo, I had a blast writing for this awesome show and will miss working with a great bunch of people.

As mentioned, the final season will premiere Nov.7 and will be full of fun stuff so don't despair.  ;)

Check out the promo and let me know what you think!

iAi Bloggers' Book of the Month: THE PUPPETEER KING by Chris Ward

Once-human monsters, giant robot spiders, human statues and a madman with a thirst for destruction … Professor Kurou is back and more dangerous than ever.

After five years of incarceration, Jun Matsumoto is released from a mental hospital. With his hatred for Professor Kurou still consuming him, he enlists the help of some old friends and tracks his nemesis to Barcelona, where he hopes to rescue Ken Okamoto’s missing daughter, Nozomi.

Kurou, however, has a master plan that will not only destroy one of the greatest landmarks in mankind’s history, but bring war to an entire nation. Jun must battle not only ghosts from his past and his own failing mind, but a man who is now the undisputed Puppeteer King…

From the author of the acclaimed Tube Riders trilogy, The Puppeteer King is the third volume in Chris Ward's Tales of Crow series, a blend of science fiction, fantasy and horror set in the near future.

The Tales of Crow Series:

#1: They Came Out After Dark
#2: The Castle …