Thursday, October 23, 2014

Now on Kindle, Undrastormur: A Viking Tale of Troublesome Trolls

My novelette, Undrastormur, has just been published and is available through Kindle for $0.99.
 Here's the description:
"Eirik has a problem. A lot of problems, actually. While he was out gathering mushrooms, his small Norse village was overrun by nasty trolls with a taste for human flesh. Now Eirik, the last surviving descendant of Drengur Darkbeard, a powerful Viking galdrakarl or wizard, must undertake a perilous journey to find the missing half of Drengur's iron staff. Only then can he save his neighbors by calling down the undrastormur, a violent and powerful gift from Thor, the god of thunder."
Originally released as part of the awesome Wonderstorm anthology (see link in the sidebar), I thought my little story of a Norse boy's bravery in the face of a troll attack deserved some love of its own.

I hope you agree!

You can purchase Undrastormur here:
Amazon US (Kindle)

Undrastormur is also available through Amazon's KDP Select in the following countries: UK, India, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. 

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