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New Feature: Saturday Question

Got a question for a self and traditionally published, TV animation writing, Emmy Award nominated low-level showbiz type, and sometime actor (who'd be perfect for that series or commercial you're casting)? I thought so. Send it this way and I'll try to answer it on the following Saturday.

(Side Note: This feature was inspired by (copied from) comedy great Ken Levine's excellent blog - definitely check it out for more showbiz-y/author-y goodness.)

This week's question comes from Marie:

Q:I am a writer and I've got an idea for an animated feature. I just have the idea and couple of different endings. I have two contacts through my sister in LA who are producers for big animated companies. I spoke to one and she definitely believes it is definitely a full-length feature film,  that no one has done, yet. She told me that I needed to own it as long as I can, write the treatment, screenplay. I have no experience in writing scripts. Do you have any advice or ca…

7 Questions: Author Brian Clopper

Brian Clopper is one of my favorite indie authors. His books are packed with fun and adventure and I'm looking forward to having you meet him. On a side note, Brian and I have collaborated along with three other authors on a fun short story fantasy anthology entitled Wonderstorms. Highly recommended! ;) 
Here now, 7 Questions for Brian Clopper:
      1.Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved in writing books.

I'm a father of two. I teach fifth grade in North Carolina. The writing bug hit me later in life. I wrote for comic books, mostly self-published projects that I also illustrated. During the time I worked in comic books, I started writing fantasy novels, Graham the Gargoyle and Monsters in Boxers back in 2000. I even had an agent for a time who was shopping Monsters in Boxers, but nothing came of it.

When my family made a major move to North Carolina, I stopped working in comics and focused on teaching and being a dad. After a few years, my …