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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Official Trailer

I am so looking forward to this...


Littlest Pet Shop Back in One Month!

Just finished my fourth script for Season 3. It's a privilege to write for such a fun show. Doubly so since they really seem to like my stuff. Season 2 starts on Nov.2 so set them DVRs!

iAi Book of the Month: The Bones of the Earth

This month's featured iAi book is...   The Bones of the Earth  by Scott Bury
The Dark Age. Western Rome has been shattered by waves of invaders. The earth itself seems to have turned on the remaining Eastern Empire: rising seas drown cities, a year of clouds destroys crops brings famine, and a new plague kills a third of the population, including the Emperor Justinian himself.
Far from the Empire’s borders, rejected by his own people, Javor heads for Constantinople, centre of civilization, encountering more raiders and mysteries — like Danisa, a girl crucified naked in the middle of the ancient, crumbling Roman highway. He rescues her, but she has a strange fascination with his heirlooms. And when she disappears again, Javor quest changes: what is the link between the girl he loves, his enemies and the two items he inherited from his great-grandfather?
The answer, just out of reach, lies in the nature of the earth itself.
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