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7 Questions: Author Keith Robinson

Keith Robinson is an independent author whose work I've admired for years.  A transplant from across the pond, he began cranking out quality YA reads almost as soon as he got here. He's currently doing a giveaway of Island of Fog over on his Kindle page so check it out if you want to get a great book at a great price (free!).

Here now, seven questions for Keith Robinson:

1) I know you're originally from the UK. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and what brought you to the US?

I spent fourteen years working in an office in England drawing floor plans and organizing office refurbishments and relocations. It was a different life, wearing a suit, carrying a briefcase, driving or flying to offices all around the UK. It was during this time that I met my future wife from America. We were penpals for five years between 1990 and 1995 -- the traditional sort, sending handwritten letters by mail -- and then she decided to come and visit m…

Wassup, King Arthur?

Over at io9, Lauren Davis shares some interesting writing advice in her article, "How to make sure the language in your historical fantasy novel is period-accurate." She references The Jane Austen Word List created by fantasy author Mary Robinette Kowal to help her weed out period-inaccurate words for her novel, Glamour in Glass, set in the same time period as Jane Austen's books. To build the list MRK assembled "all the words that are in the collected works of Jane Austen to use for my spellcheck dictionary."

While I have to admit I didn't go too crazy about this in Dragonfriend, preferring to come down on the side of middle-grade "readability" rather than being overly concerned about historically accurate Old English vocabulary, I did ask my editor, Darren Robinson, to flag any eye-poking anachronisms.

A few of the words Kowal ended up pulling out of her book "because they either didn’t exist in 1815 or that didn’t mean what they mean now&…

Book Review: Brood of Bones


Bye Bye Blog: The Re-post

I posted this a couple of days ago on my other blog, Roger Eschbacher Books, and wanted to see if anyone here had any thoughts or comments. Feedback (especially if it's not related to baseball) appreciated. ;c)

And now, the re-post:

I launched this Roger Eschbacher Books blog a few years back with the intention of having a landing spot specifically for the readers of my books (as opposed to The Novel Project, my blog primarily aimed at other authors).


Anyone who's been following Roger Eschbacher Books knows I haven't been very good about updating this blog at all. In fact, I've been terrible! So, unless there are any strenuous objections of the "you moron, here's what you should really do" variety, I'm thinking it might be time to consolidate the platform and put this old and neglected horse out to pasture.

A couple of options I'm considering...

Renaming "The Novel Project" and calling it "Roger Eschbacher Books." Th…