Dragonfriend Horn Tootage

 Writer/reviewer Heather Sutherlin gives Dragonfriend a hearty thumbs up on her eponymous blog and states: 
"I know boys and girls alike will find this story fascinating and fun.  My daughter might complain that it gets a bit “yucky” during the battle scenes, but not more than would cause any normal fifth grade boy to yell out “cool!” as he reads through it.  In turn, the boy in my house might not appreciate the innocent crush Leonard has on Maiden Glennys, but my daughter will eat it up."
Yup, she gets it. You can read the rest of the review here.


Keith Robinson said…
Excellent! And, as I said on Heather's blog, she "hit the nail on the head regarding the mixed reactions from boys vs. girls over the battle scenes and cutesy love interest!"

Good review, and well deserved.
Great review. I plan on reading this soon. I've just got so much going on lol.
Michael -- I know the feeling!

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