A Nice Gift from Amazon

For the time being, Amazon has decided to discount the Dragonfriend paperback by nearly 30%.

It surprised/alarmed me when I saw the price change on the book's page last night, but I was quickly assured by customer service that it doesn't affect author royalties which are calculated off the full list price. On the other hand, it does save you some decent bucks so if you're interested in owning an analog copy of my book, this may be the time to act.


You'll want to watch those guys when it comes to the Kindle version of your book. If you are in the 70% royalty program and they discount your book, the royalty you earn depends on why they discounted it. If they are doing a "competitive discount" because they found a lower price elsewhere, you get paid based on the discounted sale price, NOT the retail price you set for the book.

One author actually lost out on the royalties for over 5,000 books because Amazon lowered the price to $0 after matching the price of an EXCERPT they found somewhere. He was able to get them to change the price back, but they stiffed him on the royalties.
Thanks for the warning, Daniel. I'll definitely keep an eye out for such an occurrence. To date, my dealings with Amazon have been very positive, but I know the independent author has to remain ever vigilant.
Brian Clopper said…
just ordered it from Amazon and can't wait to read it.

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