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Scooby Doo in "The Siren's Song"

Hey kids! I wrote an episode of Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated that'll air this coming Tuesday (6/14/11) on Cartoon Network at 7:30/6:30 Central.

I think it's a pretty cool episode with a fair chunk of the series wide story arc being revealed. That's one of the things I'm really enjoying about this Scooby manifestation -- we get to learn about the back story of "the gang" and that maybe all of these seemingly random monster events are somehow interrelated. Anyway, the show's producers have a lot to keep in mind since they're not just generating the typical Scooby Doo "monster du jour" story lines we're used to seeing.

In this episode the gang battles Fish Freaks, there's a fun Scrappy Doo reference, and Velma makes a "special friend." Check it out and let me know what you think!

Good Grief, I'm a Font Nerd

I came to that (possibly sad) conclusion yesterday after spending most of the day trying to decide which font I'll use for my novel, Leonard the Great: Dragonfriend. As I've mentioned before, when you self-publish, you have to do everything -- including formatting and choosing the font for the interior pages of your book. There are very talented professionals in traditional publishing whose only job is to do just that so you know the importance the big guys attach to this part of the publishing process. They're called Book Designers and they (the good ones, anyway) live for their craft, delighting in choosing just the right font for a particular book. Check out this cool little collection of video shorts from Penguin to get an idea of what I'm talking about. These folks are passionate!

While I'm not as energized by the subtle differences between Arial, Helvetica, or Georgia, I did totally key in to the importance of font choice. A lot of the pros use pricey custom f…