Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Behold my Super-Awesome Backers!

A Few of My Backers
I am a very fortunate man. During my recent (and hopefully not too annoying) fundraising effort on Kickstarter, these folks stepped up to the plate and made a contribution to Leonard's cause. Because of them, the book went from "Gonna publish it someday." to "Gonna publish it this summer." Some are family, some are friends, and some are complete strangers -- all are SUPER-AWESOME!!!

Here they are in all their alphabetically-ordered, super-awesome glory...

Jim Allen
Ed Brown
Anne Chivetta
Chris Chivetta
Chris Cusack
Peggy Etra
Patricia Eschbacher
Roger Eschbacher, Sr.
Rick Fiedler
Coleen Forward
James Giannini
Toni Gilbert
Paul Gross
Cyndi Ruprecht Hunt
James Judd
Chris Landes
Traci Newman
Brian Palermo
Adam Pava
Keith Robinson
Japke Rosink
Lisa Tucker-Ruprecht
Stephen J. Ruprecht
Andrew Thomas
Jeff Zimmer

Look upon their names and feel awe because they are true giants and giantesses of SUPER-AWESOMENESS!!!

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