Monday, June 8, 2009

Done! Done! Done! Well, Almost.

Finished up a rough first draft of my Script Frenzy screenplay this weekend. It ended up being 124 pages long. I'd say the last 24 pages took me longer to write than the first 100 for a variety of reasons including time travel, world building logic, and an intense action sequence at the very end. My tiny brain is throbbing but it felt great to type "The End" at the bottom of the page yesterday.

Now the fun part begins -- the editing. The goal is to crank on the rewrite this week and hopefully get it to my trusted beta readers by early next week.


Michael Tallon said...

Don't you love that feeling?! What is world building?

Roger Eschbacher said...

It's a great feeling!

While I'm applying it to my screenplay, world building is actually the "research" many authors do before they start writing a fantasy or sci fi novel. The settings of these novels are usually unique and "fantastical" and it helps to have these strange worlds worked out as much as possible before the writing begins.

Specifically, the term refers to creating and describing things like maps, alien races, magical cities, fey creatures, etc.

My screenplay is partially set in the future so I had to "build" that world. Some writers go into extreme detail (sometimes too much, IMO), others use more broad strokes which is what I did in my screenplay.

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