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Info Dump

This isn't going to be pretty but I promised an update, so here goes:

Did the rewrite on my chapter book and sent it to my editor two weeks ago. She responded that I was "very speedy" and was looking forward to reading the new draft.
Sent "Leonard" to Agent S at the beginning of last month. Followed up a couple of weeks later -- she said she was still reading it and not yet ready to give comments but that the opening was "boffo".
Was quietly thrilled that my agent used the word "boffo".
Was told by Agent S that I could expect some information on my newest picture book submission "early in the school year."
Met with a small animation house that specializes in developing projects from Chinese production entities. Spent an interesting couple of days working up a script sample from a story board they provided. If I get the gig, I'd be helping them develop the shows bible. If the show sells, I'd be the story editor.
Kept finding reas…