Thursday, August 14, 2008

Info Dump

This isn't going to be pretty but I promised an update, so here goes:

  • Did the rewrite on my chapter book and sent it to my editor two weeks ago. She responded that I was "very speedy" and was looking forward to reading the new draft.

  • Sent "Leonard" to Agent S at the beginning of last month. Followed up a couple of weeks later -- she said she was still reading it and not yet ready to give comments but that the opening was "boffo".

  • Was quietly thrilled that my agent used the word "boffo".

  • Was told by Agent S that I could expect some information on my newest picture book submission "early in the school year."

  • Met with a small animation house that specializes in developing projects from Chinese production entities. Spent an interesting couple of days working up a script sample from a story board they provided. If I get the gig, I'd be helping them develop the shows bible. If the show sells, I'd be the story editor.

  • Kept finding reasons not to return to my screenplay. School just started so it's a little quieter around here and I'm hoping to get my mojo back.

  • Teamed up with an old buddy of mine and came up with a reality show idea that would be simultaneously hilarious and disturbing. Positive early feedback from several entertainment entities that apparently like hilarious and disturbing reality shows.

  • Discovered cheesy clip art of an ancient computer of the kind I had in the late 90's and included it in this post.

That is all.

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