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Well, I did have the goal of finishing the first draft of Leonard by the end of December but I didn't quite make it. I'm blaming the Holidays for my lack of progress -- the good kind of blame as in, I'm enjoying kicking back with the family and not overly concerned with writing a whole lot this time of year. The new year will see me attack the page with renewed vigor.

First Draft word count a/o today: 56,658

One Word

After slogging along miserably for a few days, I had a very productive start of the week. Although I don't believe in writer's block, there are some times as an author when it feels like you're trying to swim through mental molasses. You become strangely convinced that you just don't have enough energy or functioning brain cells to write. It's easy to procrastinate when this happens and I've found the only way out of that swamp is to force yourself to sit down and type one word -- any word. That simple act is like using a plunger after (insert crass plugged toilet metaphor here). Since you've written one word, it's no big deal to come up with another word that will go with it and so forth. Once you start typing, the logjam gradually loosens and the next thing you know, you've cranked out a quick 1500 words. Felt good.

First Draft word count a/o today: 56,197


Cranked out my 1k for the day but it wasn't easy. I procrastinated throughout the day and ended up blitzing everything after dinner. I don't know what it is, but an "outside" deadline is a lot more inspiring than one I set for myself. That being said, my spider sense tells me that as long as I commit to writing everyday, I'll get the momentum going again.

Semi-related note: Heard from my fine editor Liz today. She had some great notes on a chapter book that we've been working on and I'm looking forward to tackling them after I crank out the Leonard first draft.

First draft word count a/o today: 54661