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A Viking Fantasy Adventure

a fantasy/adventure novelette

"Eirik has a problem. A lot of problems, actually. While he was out gathering mushrooms, his small Norse village was overrun by nasty trolls with a taste for human flesh. Now Eirik, the last surviving descendant of Drengur Darkbeard, a powerful Viking galdrakarl or wizard, must undertake a perilous journey to find the missing half of Drengur's iron staff. Only then can he save his neighbors by calling down the undrastormur, a violent and powerful gift from Thor, the god of thunder."

Praise for Undrastormur:

"This is a great tale, WELL worth the small price. Full disclosure, this story featured in the same book as my own story, but that shouldn't diminish Undrastormur's deserved rating! Set in a rich, authentic Norse world, it's full of magic and colorful creatures and awesome gods. Oh, and trolls. The trolls are very cool. This story is suitable for all ages, and I hope the author considers follow-up stories."
 --Keith Robinson, Author of the Island of Fog Series

"I truly enjoyed this tale and will be on the lookout for more of this authors stories in the future."
--T. Lavin

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Undrastormur is also available through Amazon's KDP Select in the following countries: UK, India, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. 

Leonard the Great, Book Two
a middle-grade fantasy/adventure novel, sequel to Dragonfriend

Several seasons have passed since Leonard went on his last great adventure and battled a sinister force that had taken over Camelot. Since then he’s settled into a comfortable life as Lord of the Green Valley. But when his beloved Glennys is threatened by a cruel giant from a kingdom in the clouds, Leonard and his best friend Hubert must team up again with Merlin, the half-giant Ham, and a young dragon named Taddy to save her before it’s too late."

Praise for Giantkiller:

"The first book in the Leonard series, DRAGONFRIEND, was a top-notch read, and GIANTKILLER is even better."
--Keith Robinson, Author of the Island of Fog Series

"With Arthurian fantasy novels, there's always the worry that the tale will be slovenly stuffy and rooted too much in bland court intrigue and all the snoozer aspects of gallant knights. Not here. The book is always on the move and ripe with characters that no one would accuse of being asleep at the wheel."
--Brian Clopper, Author of Irving Wishbutton

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Amazon US (Kindle)

Amazon US (paperback)

Giantkiller is also available through Amazon's KDP Select in the following countries: UK, India, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. 

Leonard the Great, Book One
a middle-grade fantasy/adventure novel

If you think it was all good deeds and fancy ideals back in the days of Camelot, think again. Most people don't know this, but for a time things went seriously bad; Arthur was imprisoned, Merlin had vanished, and a cruel demon had taken over the throne.It’s up to young Leonard, a page to a poor but kind knight, to set things right even if that means going on a perilous quest, battling hungry monsters, or risking his life to befriend a horde of notoriously ill-tempered dragons.

Praise for Dragonfriend:

"A wonderfully written side story to the Arthurian legend with never-considered twists, fun details and tremendous heart. Leonard is a marvelous hero-in-the-making and Mantooth is the first dragon in a long time who really deserves a hug."   
-- Carolyn Hennesy, Author of the Pandora series

"Dragonfriend starts with a chuckle then quickly develops into a brave quest, climaxing in a truly epic battle between knights, dragons and fiends from Hell. Honestly, what more could you want?"
-- Keith Robinson, Author of the Island of Fog Series

"... a smart, sassy tale of knights and dragons that rockets the entire clanky genre into the 21st Century for savvy (and perhaps a little jaded) readers.
-- Steve Kaye, Author of Valley of Hate by Clay Burnham
A B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

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Dragonfriend is also available through Amazon's KDP Select in the following countries: UK, India, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. 


a multi-author fantasy anthology

Wonderstorms is a fantasy anthology where each author was given the task of incorporating the title concept into their story. Dive into five tales filled with meteorological events of amazement.

Praise for Wonderstorms:

"Good writing across the board." -- JP Mac, Author of Jury Doody

Purchase Wonderstorms here:

Amazon (Kindle)


Picture Books

Road Trip
by Roger Eschbacher
Illustrated by Thor Wickstrom

Vacation Time! Join the family as they grab their maps, snacks, and car games and jump in the car, ready for a trip to Grandma's house. What adventures await them along the way? The kinds found on every family road trip -- from crazy roadside attractions, to sleeping at a motel for the night, to hunting for silly postcards to send to friends at home.

Praise for Road Trip:

"For all young readers who have or are about to hit the road, Comedy Central-writer Eschbacher chronicles a family's two-day trip to Grandma's and back in short, bouncy verses. Wickstrom's lighthearted cartoon scenes open with Mom, Dad and four siblings piling into a minivan, close with a sleepy slideshow of fond memories and, in between, capture a string of typical moments, from fumbling with "Maps"-"North, south, east, west, / No matter how you hold it, / A map can put you to the test / When you try to fold it."-to games of "I Spy," from contemplating a bug-splattered windshield ("Grasshoppers have greenish guts, / Beetles are more brownish. . . . ") to stops at a motel, a roadside attraction and, at last, Grandma's, where a festive family picnic awaits. Like Natasha Wing's Night Before Summer Vacation (2002), illus by Julie Durrell, or Anne Rockwell's primer, On Our Vacation (1989), this makes ideal reading before, during or after a long drive."   -- Kirkus Reviews
 "This collection of rhyming vignettes covers a cross-country road trip to a family reunion. Detailed, humorous illustrations flesh out thin but amusing poems as the family passes through the usual road trip milestones: highway diners, children bickering, roadside attractions, and cheesy motels. This affectionate look at a vanishing pastime is just right for summer vacation." -- Horn Book Guide Reviews.

 "Road Trip is an adorable children's book which celebrates the beauty of the family experience." -- Dr. Laura Schlessinger

"Road Trip reminds families that it's still possible to drive through the world instead of past it."
-- Tom Kenny, Voice of SpongeBob SquarePants

"Chock full o' fun! Road Trip is a must-have for families about to embark upon that great American adventure." -- Julie McNally Cahill, Co-Creator of My Gym Partner's a Monkey
"This is a lively, funny, and heart warming tale that young and old can relate to."
-- Bella Shaw, Former CNN Anchor & Entertainment Writer
 Hardcover available on Amazon.


Nonsense! He Yelled
By Roger Eschbacher
Illustrated by Adrian Johnson

Come celebrate whatever it is that makes you special, along with twenty-six kids who know they're different-and wouldn't have it any other way! Meet Pete with his giant feet; Ty the "Human Fly"; Quinn, who likes to spin; and Ed, who can change from purple to blue . . . to red! There's a place inside for you too. Just ask yourself: What makes you you?

Roger Eschbacher and Adrian Johnson team up for this funky, affectionately loopy look at being unique-as we all are!

Praise for Nonsense! He Yelled:

"In this unique alphabet book, each of twenty-five boys and one girl with alphabetically ordered names describes what makes him or her special (""My name is Moss, / IÆm at a loss. / I found three tons / of applesauce""). The snappy rhymes, matter-of-factly absurd scenarios (one boy spends his time collecting fuzz), and retro-style illustrations depicting strangely proportioned kids have a truly Seussian panache." -- Horn Book Guide Reviews
 "It is an ABC book, it is a collection of rhymes--it is a celebration of what makes us all unique. Despite the title, there is really no nonsense at all--just a rollicking good time. The letters of the alphabet set the framework for a series of rhymes about a variety of playfully silly characters, each with his own special qualities. The illustrations dance boldly across the pages, adding to the fun. This would be a wonderful book to read aloud to young children, individually or in a group. There are surprises on every page! Readers are encouraged to try making rhymes with their own names, making this a good introduction to rhyme-writing for little ones. The last page has a line to enter a child's name so children will feel it is their story, too." -- Joanne Draper, Children's Literature

"A unique idea, illustrated in bold colors. The very last page is for the new owner of this clever book." -- Rainbo Electronic Reviews

"If you like the sound of children's laughter, this book is the one!" --
Librarian's Choice 2002 -- Books For Children -- Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

PICTURE BOOKS OF THE MONTH (featured selection, April '02) -- McNally Robinson Booksellers
 Hardcover available on Amazon.