How 2 Help An Author

How? Short Answer: Post a Book Review

Longer version: Independent authors rely heavily on word of mouth. If you've enjoyed any of my books, please let your friends and family know.

In addition, posting a review will tell other people that you think my book is worth a read.

Some things you can do:
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Finally, I've written a few tweets for people to share on their own Twitter accounts. Feel free to use/customize any of these or make up your own: 

 GHOST STAR, an action-packed #SciFi ride with humor and plot twists aplenty. #YA #spaceopera #kpauthors

GHOST STAR, an action-packed #SciFi adventure and #KindlePress  selection. #YA #spaceopera #kpauthors

Fans of "Undrastormur" will definitely want to check out "Undrastormur, Part 2: The Great Tree" because, you know, it's a sequel. #YA #Vikings #fantasy #swordandsorcery

UNDRASTORMUR, Part 2: The Great Tree. Can Eirik save the 9 worlds from a mountain-sized dragon?

Love a book? Thank the author and leave a review! @RogerEschbacher #kindle #fantasy #scifi #indieauthor #kidslit

Best appeals to adults, too -- 5* for 's UNDRASTORMUR 

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Trolls gonna troll: UNDRASTORMUR: A Viking Fantasy Adventure @RogerEschbacher  #kindle #fantasy #Vikings

Get yer head out of the clouds before you lose it! GIANTKILLER, a YA fantasy by     #fantasy #Arthurian

Read GIANTKILLER, the YA fantasy sequel to DRAGONFRIEND by @!    #Arthurian

A boy and his man-eating dragon. DRAGONFRIEND, a middle-grade fantasy novel by @RogerEschbacher #kindle #fantasy #Arthurian

Fantasy/sf adventures with a quirky twist by @RogerEschbacher #kindle #fantasy #scifi 

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