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More Progress on My Work in Progress and Other Progress

So... the first chapter of my sci-fi  WIP is at a solid literary agency that specializes in picture books and middle-grade/YA reads. I'm hoping they like it well enough to request the full manuscript. I decided to dip my toe into the traditional publishing pool for a couple of reasons:

First, I'm not a "Indie books suck!" or "Traditional publishing sucks!" kind of guy. I'd be as happy with a nice contract from a publisher as I would with a high sales ranking on a self-pubbed Kindle title. Yep, no snobbery either way as far as I'm concerned. I just want to get my books out there so people can enjoy them.

Second, my WIP is a shiny-new-well-written-bauble (imho) that isn't part of an already published series. Thanks to incredibly helpful notes from my writer friends and some pro-level proofing/copy editing, I think my manuscript is in excellent shape. In other words, this is the perfect opportunity to woo a good agent and give traditional publishi…