Hey, Why Not?

Submitted Leonard for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. It's an annual contest sponsored by CreateSpace, Penguin Group, Publisher's Weekly, and of course, Amazon.com.

The Grand Prize is a publishing contract with Penguin that includes a $25k advance. Not too shabby!

They're only accepting a maximum of 10k manuscripts so the way I look at it, my odds of being chosen are much better than winning the lottery!

3/17 Update: Didn't make it past the first round. Rats!


Unknown said…
Hi Roger

Good luck with Leonard! Where do you get your energy? You seem to have a staggering amount of projects going at the same time. The best thing is 25k upfront buys a lot of coffee.
Thanks, Nicoleen! Things are pretty slow in publishing so I'll take all good wishes I can get!

As far as buying a lot of coffee goes...if I win I may just have to purchase one of them fancy espresso machines! Pure caffeinated bliss!

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