Coming Along Nicely

Finished the rough outline for Magic Man and will take the next few days to flesh it out. Ten days to NaNo! As of today, I've got twenty-five chapters. If it's anything like last time, I'm sure I'll discover things along the way and add a few more. The outline itself is a little over six pages.

In a surprising burst of creative energy, I also find myself with a nearly completed proposal for an animated show. The idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while and last week I decided to write a few things down. Amazingly, these "things" kept coming and soon I had enough good ones to organize into a pitch-worthy "mini bible" (5-6 pages). The idea itself is action based with a healthy dose of comedy. At my most delusional, I would hope to compare it to The Incredibles.

I like this idea so much that I've actually convinced myself that I can do both the NaNo challenge and write a spec pilot script for my animation proposal. How insane is that? Very. I still have to squeeze in the "final" polish edit for Leonard that Agent S expects by November. Good grief! That loud scream you'll hear at the end of November will be the sound of pressurized steam escaping out of my ears.


Michael Tallon said…
LOL! Good luck with both projects, Roger; I'm amazed how relentlessly you keep moving.

The Incredibles--freakin AWESOME movie. Is your pitch for a show or movie?
Thanks, Mike. I LOVE The Incredibles (and feel a little sheepish mentioning my idea in the same breath). My pitch is for a show, but I must admit a little voice is whispering "This could be a feature." To keep things do-able next month, I think I'll write it as a TV pilot and see where it goes from there.
Mike said…
I hope it comes to fruition. What a great show!
xD Wow, good lucks with both of the projects! I haven't fleshed out my chapters really -- I have a plot, and I know what I want to happen in my novel this year. I do plan to complete it too. Anyways, lots of luck!

-- Fellow NaNoWriMoer.
Thanks for the good wishes, A.P. Right back atcha! My chapter descriptions aren't much more than a paragraph or so, in some cases, just a sentence or two. It helps keep me moving to at least have a vague idea of where I'm going for the day. I'm going to keep going through the outline in hopes of adding more speicifics before Nov. 1st.
Anonymous said…
Fellow NaNo-er here.

Just wanted to let you know I read the blog, I stuck it in my rss reader, and I LOVE to think that I'm NaNo-ing with someone that used to write for the Angry Beavers.
Glad to have you checking out the blog, Veronica! Angry Beavers was a hoot to write for -- very original characters to work with plus the ability, as a writer, to go just about anywhere you wanted. A definite highlight.

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